Why Volunteer With Us?

Love Divided We Fall’s content? You, too, can be part of our amazing teams of volunteers and bring your own contribution to a positive social change. We are working to build a media outlet that puts people before partisanship, but we cannot achieve this goal without your support! Please apply to an open position by clicking the links below.

“Divided We Fall has found a message that resonates and hopes to amplify the message of true bipartisanship without agenda or bias. It was an honor to work for such an impactful, thoughtful, and meaningful organization.”
– Mitch S., Development Associate

Volunteer Opportunities:

Board of Directors

Director of Communications

Director of Development

Social Media Manager

Graphic Designer

If you do not see a position that is a good fit for you, you can email your resume directly to info@dividedwefall.org. Thanks! 

“Volunteering for Divided We Fall was such an amazing experience. Working with the different authors gave me insight into the other party’s side and I was able to look at things from a less biased perspective and focus on the facts of the articles.”
Parisa S., Associate Editor

Contact Us:

“At Divided We Fall, I served on a hard-working, value-oriented team. My time volunteering at Divided We Fall has become a significant asset as I sought to advance in my career.
– Jonathan G., Associate Editor