Midterms 2022 Political Pen Pals Debates

Will Republican Discontent or Democratic Turnout Prevail in November?

Scott Jennings and Robert Boatright
Midterms Will Depend on Biden’s Approval Rating and Republican Candidate Quality  By Scott Jennings,...
Bipartisanship and Polarization Political Pen Pals Debates

Dissecting the Civic Language Perception Project

Sean Fischer and Robert Wilkes
What Conclusions Can Be Drawn from PACE’s Survey on Political Perceptions?...
Bipartisanship and Polarization Book Club Encouraging Bipartisanship

A Conversation with Mónica Guzmán on Bridging Partisan Divides

Mónica Guzmán
Looking Beyond Anger and Judgment for Shared Concerns and Mutual Understanding...
Foreign Policy Political Pen Pals Debates

Domestic Divisions and Implications Abroad

Charles Ray and Robert Wilkes
Is Domestic Turmoil and Unrest Putting America’s Credibility in Question Abroad? ...
Bipartisanship and Polarization Encouraging Bipartisanship Op-eds

What Would Alice Rivlin Say About Mending Political Divides?

Allan and Sheri Rivlin
Bipartisan Cooperation Is the Best Strategy to Defend Our Troubled Democracy...
Bipartisanship and Polarization Encouraging Bipartisanship Political Pen Pals Debates

Debating the Filibuster and Obstruction in Congress

Could Eliminating the Filibuster Reduce Party Polarization and Partisanship in Congress?...