Midterms 2022 Political Pen Pals Debates

Will Republican Discontent or Democratic Turnout Prevail in November?

Scott Jennings and Robert Boatright
Midterms Will Depend on Biden’s Approval Rating and Republican Candidate Quality  By Scott Jennings,...
Encouraging Bipartisanship Midterms 2022 Political Pen Pals Debates

Ranked-Choice Voting: Effective Reform or Wishful Thinking?

Deb Otis and John Aldrich
Can Ranked-Choice Voting Remedy the Flaws in Our Electoral Politics? By Deb...
Bipartisanship and Polarization Encouraging Bipartisanship Political Pen Pals Debates

The Impact of Voter Turnout on Polarization

Will Increasing Turnout So Everyone Votes Reduce Polarization and Extreme Partisanship?...